• Contacts / Resources

    Questions concerning BAMA Association can be answered by Executive Secretary Jeff Brown at
    (205) 789-3600 / jbrown@bamaassociation.org

    BAMA Association Board of Directors and Officers



    President: Jeff Holliyan – City of Gardendale

    Immediate Past President: Jeff Zissette– City of Midfield

    Vice President / President Elect: Frank Pennington – City of Irondale

    Executive Secretary and Treasurer: Jeff Brown – Brownstone Marketing Solutions

    Director: Brian Davis - City of Vestavia Hills

    Director: Thomas Stinson - City of Birmingham

    Director: Shanda Williams – City of Mountain Brook

    Member at Large: Darren Davis - City of Mountain Brook

    Member at Large: Octavious Pierce - City of Center Point

    Vendor Director: Mike Phillips - Alabama Professional Services



    Members and Key Contacts

    City of Birmingham: Website - https://www.birminghamal.gov/  Key Contact:  Thomas Stinson


    City of Center Point: Website - www.thecityofcenterpoint.org Key Contact - Bobbie Loggins – (205) 854-4460

    City of Fultondale: Website – www.cityoffultondale.com Key Contact - Darrell Bates – (205) 841-0786

    City of Gardendale: Website - www.cityofgardendale.com Key Contact - Jeff Holliyan – (205) 631-9697

    City of Homewood: Website – www.homewoodal.net Key Contact - Berkley Squires – (205) 942-4028


    City of Hoover: Website – www.hooveral.org  Key Contact – Tommy Daniel - (205) 444-7543

    City of Irondale: Website – www.cityofirondale.org Key Contact - Frank Pennington– (205) 951-1420

    City of Midfield: Website – www.cityofmidfield.com Key Contact – Jeff Zissette – (205) 923-2071

    City of Mountain Brook: Website – www.mtnbrook.org Key Contact - Ronald Vaughan – (205) 802-3865


    City of Pinson: Website - www.thecityofpinson.com  Key Contact – Eric Winfrey – (205) 683-3226


    City of Vestavia Hills:  Website - www.vhal.org  Key Contact - Brian Davis (205) 978-0150


    Jefferson County Department of Health:  Website - www.jcdh.org  Scott Hofer (205) 930-1274




    The following are great resources for people interested in public works:

    Alabama Department of Environmental Management – www.adem.alabama.gov

    Alabama Department of Transportation – www.dot.state.al.us

    Alabama League of Municipalities – www.alalm.org

    American Public Works Association – www.apwa.net

    Alabama Road Builders Association – www.alrba.org

    Environmental Protection Agency – www.epa.gov

    Federal Emergency Management Agency – www.fema.gov

    Federal Highway Administration – www.fhwa.dot.gov

    Institute of Transportation Engineers – www.ite.org

    National Association of Fleet Administrators – www.nafa.org???

    National Highway Traffic Safety Association – www.nhtsa.gov

    U.S. Government Web Portal – www.usa.gov

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