• The Mission of BAMA Association:


    “To engage in advancing a theory, practice, administration and promotion of improved practices in municipal administration; to support a devotion to high professional standards by municipal administrators; to improve each one of its members professionally and socially; and to promote cooperation in all aspects of municipal administration among all municipal administrator’s as well as their associations with private persons, firms, corporations, bodies, utilities and agencies with which they may have contact.”

    The Federal Directive for Public Works

    In 2002 The Department of Homeland Security officially acknowledged Public Works Departments within the United States as First Responders to emergency situations. On December 17, 2003, President George W. Bush also officially recognized Public Work as First Responders in the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8. In addition, the National Incident Management System {NIMS} requires Public Works personnel to be compliant with their training standards. Public Works departments carry a level of responsibility that mirrors law enforcement and the fire department (although the specific roles in responding vary depending on the nature of the event). Often Public Works personnel are among the first responders during emergencies / disasters and they are often the last to leave after an incident has taken place to ensure clean-up efforts are complete, and safety is restored.

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